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Advisory Board of Fruit & Vegetable Producer Organization

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The TÉSZ-ÉSZ Nonprofit Ltd. is a secondary producer’s organisation (PO) recognized by the Ministry of Rural Development. It was established in 2008 by 11 primary PO’s from Fruit& Vegetable sector and by the Hungarian Interprofessional Organisation for Fruit and Vegetables. Today the organization has 29 members and works as an independent special advisory system.

Why this organization could come into existence?

Since the first of January on 2008 according to the EU regulation on market conditioning and the national instruments the technical advisory service can be supported.

What kind of conditions have to be fullfiled by a new candidant PO?

  • The PO has already been authorizied by theMinistry and to have valid operating program.
  • In accordance of PO’s yearly income the new member has to pay capital stock.
  • In addition yearly contributions have to be payed by members for the operating the mutual actions.

Why was it necessary to establish the independent advisory service specialized for PO’s activity?

  • The Hungarian Producer’s Organisations usually have high number of members acting in different technical level. It’s necessary to insure more unified basic product on higher quality.
  • New technological developments have to be carried out according to PO’s need.
  • New mutual activities are needed in the interest of Hungarian horticultural sectors.

The main task of TÉSZ –ÉSZ organization is to support its members on four kind of activities as

  • training of their technical advisors,
  • implement and coordinate R &D&I programs,
  • to help quality insurance processes of each members.
  • to help creating and fullfil the yearly operating programs concerning the three items above mentioned.

The means to reach the main goals are:

  • organize regular training section for advisors,
  • build closed online information system for advisors to have uptodate and relevant information
  • press monthly vocational magazine on technological questions (ZöldségGyümölcs Piac és Technológia)


Some important event and result have already been done mentioned :

Visiting reference fruit plantations regularly by species and consult about the technology.

Regular two day training sessions twice a year, as

  • on May 2009 for PO’s empolyees specialized on product handling and quality insurance.
  • on October 2009 for PO’s technical advisor staff to register into the advisor system of TÉSZ-ÉSZ (83 member) and build online group system creating working groups:
  • Forced vegetable and mushroom production,
  • Openfield vegetable production,
  • Pomology
  • Crop protection
  • Quality insurance
  • Assistance operating program.
  • on January 2010 for registered advisors focusing on crop controll, soil management and nutrient supply of fruit and vegetables,
  • on October. 2010 training sessions about irrigation development in horticultural crops,
  • on March 2011 training sessions about IPM technologies on fruits and vegetables production
  • on March 2012 training session about IPM technologies on vegetable production.

Technical tours

  • to Spain, Almeria to study novelties on different technologies,
  • to Austria studying vegetable production in greenhouses,
  • to Poland studying vegetable production and PO’s management rules,
  • to Italy studying fruits and vegetable production, trade and marketing,


Research trials

  • on grafted watermelon combination organised along with the Corvinus University, Budapest, to choose the best combination of rootstock and variety in different variety types.
  • different variety trials ( bean, onion, carrot, sweetcorn) ,
  • using photoselective nets at pepper production, and investigating its added value in IPM crop protection.


TÉSZ-ÉSZ Nonprofit Ltd. has entitled as „ Professional Consulting Center” from 1st of January, 2012 by the Ministry of Rural Development.


Hajnalka D. Ledó C.Sc
chief consultant
Phone: +36707765530
TÉSZ-ÉSZ Nonprofit Ltd.